Off-Season Workouts Are Demanding, Spirited, Thorough, Cavalier Tough

At every summer workout of the conditioning kind, Callaway High is finding out what kind of football team that the Cavaliers have. The Callaway High players don’t mind the grinding, the lifting, the running and the footwork. Not at all. For every ounce of pain there is a gallon of gain for the Cavaliers, thanks to the strenuous off-season workout schedule.

“This is what wins ball games. This is bringing about toughness. We’re persistent, and our kids are hungry. We want to achieve higher goals. We do have some speed and quickness,” said coach Pete Wiggins, who has built a Top 5 football program at Callaway High.

The Cavaliers lifeblood is their brow-beating workouts, off-season included. The CHS players expect it and need it. Another backbreaking workout only means the Cavaliers are getting better.

So what if it’s stifling hot in the weight room or out on the road for a half mile run in Hogansville.

“This is about teamwork, and it lets us know who is going to quit and who is going to play for the team,” said Callaway High senior defensive tackle Marquavious Colton.

He likes the prospects for the 2017 Cavalier football team.

“We’re going to have a great season,” said Colton.

Cavalier senior cornerback Kobe Jackson, a twoyear starter, feels pretty good about the year ahead, too. Meanwhile the off season workouts continue Monday through Thursday at CHS.

“We’re keeping fit, but this is tough and challenging,” said Jackson.

Senior defensive linemen Lichon Terrell and Jamie Sellers are two of the hardest working players on the Cavalier football team. Sixty players have been heavily involved in the agility and conditioning work this summer for Callaway High.

Cavalier senior fullback Travis Traylor hasn’t missed a repetition either. Callaway High junior offensive guard Adrain Porter has been working like an Army mule as well this summer.

Porter and the Cavaliers are just trying to connect all the dots.

“We want to compete, and we want to win championships. We have to execute. We are not a one-man team. We’re on the same mission,” said the 265pound Porter.

Tray Dukes is supplying some muscle and effort, too, for the football Cavaliers.

“These workouts are helping us get ready for the games. We’re not giving up. You have to push yourself when you get tired,” said Dukes, the 5-foot-11, 235-pound junior lineman.

Callaway High will open the football season on Friday, Aug. 18 against La-Grange High. That game will start at 7:30 p.m. at Callaway Stadium.