Vincent’s Tennis Passion Has Led Him To McCluskey

Life is just one tennis lesson after another.

It is invigorating and exciting. It is challenging and above all, just plain tennis fun. For the last five years, Stephen Vincent, the former Granger tennis star, has been a teaching pro at The McCluskey Tennis Center in LaGrange.

What Vincent does is more than a job and a paycheck.

“I watch people improve. Tennis takes footwork and hand-eye coordination. There are few sports like tennis where you hit the ball after it bounces. I have coached players from three to 70 (years old),” said Vincent.

Age does not matter when it comes to tennis, according to Vincent. Athletes come in all sizes and ages. Get out of the rocking chair.

“We have some members who are 80 and still play four days a week. We have a great facility (out here) with 16 courts. Tennis is a sport that I love, and I knew I would end up teaching it,” said Vincent.

Before he was a tennis pro he was a player of immense ability. Vincent played both singles and doubles from 1998-2002 for La-Grange High. As a senior, Vincent was the No. 1 singles player on the Granger boys tennis team.

Vincent went on to play at the collegiate level for Georgia Southwestern in Americus. Vincent and the Georgia Southwestern men won a conference title in 2003.

All these years later, Vincent has never lost his tennis fight and skills. That led him, in time, to become a tennis pro. For two years, Vincent worked as a teaching pro at the T’On Club in Mount Pleasant, S.C.

From there he accepted an invitation to join the coaching staff at the Mc-Cluskey Center in La-Grange. Vincent has accumulated seven years as a tennis pro.

“This is a sport that I love. I have put in the extra hours. I am a student of the game. I’ve become passionate about tennis,” said Vincent.

He feels very much at home on the court and particularly at the Mc-Cluskey Center. It is just a feeling and a very good one.

“This is better than being in the office,” said Vincent.