Fourth of July in LaGrange: Op Ed

The 4th of July is fast approaching and for many, this means celebration and time with your family. However, forever many it is a time of reflection on the birth of this nation and those that have fought and died to keep our freedoms free. Whatever you and your loved ones decide to do for the fourth, there is so much to reflect and be thankful for, especially when you celebrate the 4th in a small hometown community like LaGrange.

The 4th of July obviously is based upon the freedoms that our Country won during its war for independence against the British. The Declaration of Independence of Independence was signed on July 4th, 1776, officially declaring us as a nation. As such, America would go on to become the greatest nation in the history of the world. That manifests itself in many different ways but in the end, despite our differences and our struggles, this is a land of opportunity and this is why it’s so important to celebrate this holiday each and every year.

Here in LaGrange, there are many long standing 4th of July traditions. For several decades now, the Sweetland of Liberty Parade has gone through our streets and has become a staple of the summer. Additionally, many gather each year for the incredible fireworks show at Pyne Road Park with live music and fun times on the water. These are just two traditions in a community that continues to grow as well keeping itself deeply rooted in its legacy and tradition.

The 4th of July and the celebration of Independence Day is always special here in the LaGrange/Troup County community, as it is in many small hometowns like ours. However, that small hometown isn’t exactly so small any more. There are incredible things happening in this community. From Great Wolf to the mall expansion, the downtown Courtyard by Marriott and the new Wild Leap Brewery, things are growing at a rapid rate. In fact, LaGrange is on the cutting edge, along with all of Troup County, for growth in the State of Georgia according to recent data presented by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. This growth is an excellent thing and it is putting LaGrange on the map as one of the premier cities to call home in all of Georgia.

All of this exciting growth that our hometown is experiencing truly puts things in perspective this 4th of July season. For so many years, things have stayed the same. Now within the past ten or so years, real and true change is happening in our community and it is thanks to all of the hard work that many men and women of the community have put in over those years. We owe this hard work, growth, and dedication to these people but also, to those that fight and die to give us these freedoms we hold so dear. This 4th of July, celebrate with your family about all that you have to be thankful for, the hometown you love so much, and remember what the price of this 4th of July really costs. Have a happy and safe Independence Day.