National Infantry Museum Hosts Presentation at Kiwanis

Your local Kiwanis Club is keeping their programs rolling over the summer with many interesting speakers and programs. With summer coming to an end, people are still looking for things to do until school starts back, this past Thursday, July 6th speaker at Kiwanis offered an incredible program about a venture near by in Columbus. This is a place where you can take your family and look back on the great military history of the United States and pay respect to those that have fought for our freedom, all the while having a fun educational time. That place is the National Infantry Museum.

Retired Army Cornel John House with the National Infantry Museum was on hand to give a presentation on the museum. USA today named the National Infantry Museum the number one free museum in the United States, including two Smithsonian museums. It is also ranked as one of the top rated museums on Trip Advisor. It is truly a gem for the Columbus/ Fort Benning area and pays a wonderful tribute to those that have fought and died for our Country.

In the 1990’s, the Columbus community was looking for an identity for some property at Fort Benning. After many years of planning and preparation, the doors opened in 2009. Recently, the museum has added some incredible features including six galleries that all have different history and artifacts from all the different periods of war for the United States. They also recently added a stage for speakers and special presentations. There is also a replica of the Vietnam Wall like the one that sits in Washington. Between that, the new outside patio area, new statues, and work on the gallery for the War on Terror, the museum is continuing to grow at a fast pace.

House’s presentation was not only full of information about the museum, but also bits and pieces of the history of some of the men that fought and died for our freedom. From stories of WWII, Korea, to the modern and current war, there were stories of the most brave men and women that anyone could ever hope to hear. This museum is full of bot just memorials and artifacts but of stories of bravery and courage. It is beyond important to honor those that fought and died for their Country. The local Kiwanis Club honors that history as well and will continue their promotion of wonderful events/promotions such as this one.

The National Infantry Museum is located at 1775 Legacy Way in Columbus, Georgia. The tours of the museum are free to the public.