Donald Davis Workshop Draws Huge Success for Azalea Community

The art of storytelling is a phenomenal yet simple thing. We all have a story, a story that sticks with us throughout the ages and that is passed on from generation to generation. In these stories we find out who we are. Often times the makeup of our childhood, memories of family members, and the uniqueness of our cultures define us and these are the stories that people truly remember. Everyone has the ability to become a storyteller because we all have stories. Here locally over this past week, one man has come to our community and attempted to help uncover the stories that lie within.

Donald Davis is a master storyteller. For over 20 years he has traveled around the Country and shared his stories. Locally, he has headlined the Azalea Storytelling Festival on many occasions. He is the expert in his field and has shared these stories in person and in written format for so many to see. At this stage in his story telling career, Davis has embarked on a new mission to help others share their own stories about life and he is doing so by a new series of classes. Over the past week, this class has met and worked together with one another to begin crafting these creative tales.

Yes, this past week, 18 participants gathered together to take part in the first ever storytelling workshop hosted by Donald Davis and sponsored by the Azalea Storytelling Festival. Every morning for the past week, the group has met and gone over different aspects of storytelling. In addition to that, the group has had other activities to partake in as well. On Wednesday the group met at the LaGrange College Chapel, on Thursday they were fed lunch by the LaGrange Women’s Club and treated to a tour of the historic Bellevue home, and Friday they attended the Black Box Theater with the LSPA. It is an exciting group of individuals that are all seeking to share their stories with the world and one hopes that this class continues to be a tradition for years.

The storytelling workshop is an incredible idea and an idea that helps to preserve local stories, those that we have all heard before and some that we have never been privileged to as of yet. Sitting in the workshop for only half an hour you could be treated to stories about religion, superstition, cemeteries, and stories that told you that the world was so much bigger than you could ever imagine. Additionally, the group found the perfect backdrop to hold these meeting at Hills and Dales, a place steeped in so much history. The Azalea Storytelling Festival and its dedicated staff hope to see the Donald Davis Storytelling Workshop become a permanent part of their community, with several spots already beginning to fill for next year’s class.