Frios Gourmet Pops Hosts Ribbon Cutting in Downtown LaGrange

This July heat is killer and the sun continues to beat down. The heat is being felt all across the community and people are beginning to wish for those colder fall months. However, one amazing way to help beat the heat just presented itself to all of downtown La-Grange. For several weeks now, the Frios Gourmet Pops stand has been on Bull Street out in front of their new location that was undergoing renovations. Now, this past Friday morning, July 14th, the group hosted a ribbon cutting at their new location at 120 Bull Street, the heart of downtown LaGrange.

Frios Gourmet Pops is an incredible new dessert shop that offers its customers so much more than just a Popsicle. A Frios pop is the top notch in edible, delicious frozen treats and desserts. They have over 80 flavors to choose from with each being just as delicious as the last with both fruity and creamy flavors. In addition to this, their new shop on Bull Street, right next to Solomon’s, is a lovely establishment where people can come and enjoy these frozen delicacies. They have been quite the hit around town as of late and this past Friday, it was finally time for their ribbon cutting event.

That Friday morning the heat was starting to pick up but the new Frios shop was cool, complete with refreshments and treats. The shop began to quickly fill up with many dignitaries. There were representatives from the City, the County, several other local organizations, and the LaGrange/Troup County Chamber who sponsored the event were on hand to partake in the delicious new addition to the downtown area. The group lined up in front of the new store and after some well wishes, the ribbon was cut and Frios has officially found its new home in downtown LaGrange.

Frios is exactly the kind of business that you want to see here in the community and the perfect addition to the downtown. Locally owned and operated by Matthew and Lynsay Oleson, these LaGrange natives and their entire family are wonderful, thoughtful members of this community. It is an incredible thing to watch your friends and your neighbors do so well and begin new ventures and process in their lives. When that happens, we all learn and grow together and become the community tht we were always meant to be, one pop at a time.