Health Department Restaurant Inspections Report

Banzai – 1510 Lafayette Pkwy. LaGrange GA Current Score: 82, Previous Score: 85. Health inspector Comments: Observed employee cutting squash without gloves on. New Violation. Observed bins of rice in cooler at 69 degrees, was made the previous day. Rice discarded. New Violation.

Brickhouse Grille – 141 B Main ST. LaGrange GA. Current Score: 96, Previous Score 96. Health inspector Comments: Cutting boards with deep cuts. New Violation. Wet wiping cloths not returned to sanitizer after use. New Violation. Need to replace light shields. New Violation.

Waffle House #2189 – 1901 Hamilton RD LaGrange GA. Current Score: 97, Previous Score 96. Health inspector Comments: Thermometers not inside most coolers. New Violation.

LaGrange High School – 516 N Greenwood ST LaGrange GA. Current Score: 100, Previous Score 100.