Kiwanis Hear Presentation on Recent Young Game Changers Event

The Kiwanis Club here in LaGrange is continuing their work through July to help keep their members informed of all the on goings here locally in LaGrange and Troup County. They are also gearing up for a busy fall and winter sessions with many programs that they are involved with in order to help the community. This past Thursday afternoon, July 13th, the Kiwanis heard a presentation from one of their local Young Game Changers and Troup County News Copy Editor, Jeremy Andrews.

The Young Game Changers and their recent involvement with the community has been quite the talk around town as of late. From January through June, this group of 48 young men and women from around LaGrange,Metro Atlanta, and other areas have been working diligently within the community, answering difficult questions and posing ideas/solutions for many of the issues we face. There were four areas specifically which they examined, those being millennial tourism, industrial expansion, college retention, and economic sustainability roughly. After their final presentations in June, the community has been abuzz with their findings.

At the Kiwanis meeting that afternoon, I was able to brief the group on very rudimentary explanations on all the ideas presented by the YGC. Each group had to come up with the large, outside the box ideas in order to best help solve the challenge question that we were presented with. Among some of these ideas, just to name a few, were things such as an online portal for Pyne Road Park, an adult summer camp in the heat of Hogansville, watt way solar panel street crossings in the downtown, various forms of affordable housing in the downtown, and hubs for people to gather and share knowledge with one another in a think tank like environment. These are just some of the new ideas presented, many of which are already being discussed by several local entities here within the County and the City.

It is an exceptionally important to make sure that local groups such as the Kiwanis Club and other civic clubs remain in the loop with programs like the YCG. When civic clubs, government, and programs such as the YGC work together, they enact real change for the community and truly turn the wheels of progress. Hopefully the cohesiveness we have built as a community will continue on into the future for years to come.