Christ’s Corner

As I have grown in my walk with the Lord, I have been able to witness some wonderful, miraculous, Godpowered things. I have been introduced to some amazing people of God and I have grown from these wonderful, scary, crazy things. Through the little bit I have experienced, the one thing that I hear the most of is, “I just want peace.”. Well ya’ll, I can relate. Trials and disappointments have come hard on me these past few years so when I hear “I just want peace”, I do truly understand.

As the scripture reminds us, we can have perfect peace. That promise is right there. We just keep our focus on God and trust that He knows better than we do. We must trust that He will supply all our needs and work in those hopeless situations. He never said it would be easy, but He gave us promises like this throughout the Bible to lean on in hard times, or times when we are unsure.

Through all the things I have been through, all I wanted was peace. I had decided to remove myself from toxic situations, make better life choices, and try to learn to just let things go. The most important thing that I had to choose was to trust in Jesus and grow my faith to know that He is with me through it all. We all know that “growing” anything is a process. For example, when you plant a seed, you don’t see ANYTHING for a long time. Not even that tiny green sprout. It takes time. So just like in the natural with growing plants, growing your faith takes time and patience also. I thank God that we have a Savior that is also patient with us to help us though those growing pains.

Peace is not having absence of conflicted. Peace is having calmness during conflict.

God Bless;

Anna Green Anna & Tony Green