“It’s more Than Just Pills in Bottles”: The Medicine Cabinet Welcomes Tommy Whitworth as New Pharmacist

There are certain locations in the community where you feel as if though you are not just walking into a storefront but rather, you are walking into a home with friendly faces and smiles. The people there know your name. For over thirty years, the Medicine Cabinet has been one of those places. There are two locations for the Medicine Cabinet in La-Grange, one on Mooty Bridge Road and the other on Vernon Street next to Checkers. There are also two more locations, one in Manchester and one in Palmetto. Now with the recent addition of Hometown Family Medicine, the Medicine Cabinet is expanding with their fifth and largest location behind the doctor’s office. Randy Meeks and the Pharmacist for the new location, Tommy Whitworth, spoke to Troup County News about the new location and the addition of Tommy to the pharmacy team.

Meeks and the team at the Medicine Cabinet know how important healthcare and pharmacy needs are to the side of town where their new location is preparing to open up. “We felt like this side [of town] had a need. [With] Tommy being with the Corley group at one time, he understood this area over here so we just felt like this is the next logical step of a place to put [the new building]. We had the opportunity for Tommy to come on board with us and get back into retail after he has been out of it for a little while. We’re glad to have him back on board.”

Tommy Whitworth, a veteran of over 30 years in pharmacy, is excited to be a part of the new Medicine Cabinet location. “The close proximity to the medical community, and also to the residential community, on this side of town will be very beneficial, not only to us but to the patients that we serve. I have been in LaGrange for 30 years. I started in 1987 as a pharmacist working at Davis and Vaughn Pharmacy. I went to Corely Drugs in 1995 and became a partner. I had 20 plus good years of working with them. For a sundry of reasons, we sold our stores out at that time and I went to work in Manchester for a couple of years and ended up compounding for the last two or three years. I still do some infusion therapy for Emory-Clark Holder Clinic in the oncology department. My wife Susan has been a pharmacy at Well Star- West Georgia Medical Center for over 30 years. I know a lot of people [on this side of town] and I’m really looking forward to taking care of people and to give them the service they so desperately need.”

Along with pharmacy needs, this new location will have other amenities as well. “This building has a full basement underneath. Part of the coffee shop will be a downstairs overflow seating area with access from the other end [at the Doctor’s office]. We are still looking at what to do with the rest of the square footage downstairs, so we have some ideas and some options. We will bring some of those ice creams [from the other stores] but not all of them. We won’t have the full soda shoppe but we will bring some ice cream and do some cones. We are going to do something called a blender where you take some of your espresso/coffee, ice cream, and blend it all together. That will be a real nice treat. We are shooting for an October or November [opening for the store]. We hope to get started in about four weeks to start with the process of getting our license.”

Tommy is also excited to get behind the counter again and to continue his calling in life. “It’s going to be good to be back and seeing a lot of my old people and taking care of them and getting behind the counter again. It’s a wonderful way to serve people and to be served by those people. God put us here for a purpose and I have been blessed to know that my purpose is to help people get healthier and to take their medicine correctly. We do a lot more than just putting pills in bottles. We take care of people’s needs and often [we] are the link between them and their doctors, their families and we can ease their transitions when they have the not so good diagnosis that inevitable come. We are constantly learning, constantly striving to stay ahead of the game and learn new medicines, new procedures, new tactics, and new guidelines to stay abreast.”