Man Claims Wife Started It

Police have arrested a man for allegedly striking his wife and throwing her down outside their LaGrange apartment. The man claimed she started the incident, but witness testimony and physical injuries seem to indicate that he certainly won the fight.

Tuesday night about 9 p.m., officers with the LaGrange Police Department responded to the Oak Grove Apartments on Mitchell Avenue in reference to a domestic incident.

Officers arrived and pointed toward the female victim who was standing at the apartment door. The female advised police that her husband, Kwabaena Asamoah, struck her in the face multiple times during an argument that later became physical. The female explained that she and her husband began arguing after she accused him of infidelity. She stated she then went outside in order to have witnesses, fearing that Asamoah might physically harm her. Asamoah then followed her outside into the parking area and violently struck her in the face, enough to draw blood and cause visible injury.

The victim told police that the dispute was only verbal inside the residence and became physical after she went outside.

Police observed bruising and swelling near the female’s left eye and the same eye appeared to be bloodshot. She also had a blood stain on the shoulder of the shirt she was wearing A witness on scene advised police that she saw Asamoah grab the victim and throw her to the ground. According to the witness, Asamoah then continued the attack in a manner as if he was about to strangle the female. She stated he only stopped when he saw two other neighbors running towards them to stop the attack. Asamoah then returned back inside the apartment.

Police then interviewed Asamoah and he also stated that fight began after he was accused of cheating, but claimed that the female attacked him first with a plastic curtain rod. Asamoah stated the initial attack began in the apartment and spilled out into the parking area where he defended himself.

Asamoah claimed that he only struck his wife a single time while trying to block the rod from hitting him.

Police did observe a small scratch on hisAsamoah’s shoulder and red marks on his forearm. There was also a plastic rod lying in the front yard just outside the apartment.

Due to the witness statements and the physical injuries, officers determined Asamoah to be the primary physical aggressor of the domestic incident.

As a result, Asamoah, age

55, was arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where he was booked into the jail charged with Battery – Family Violence Act.

Police note that Asamoah had no prior convictions for domestic violence.