County Commissioners Discuss Possible Changes to the Sign Ordinance

The County Commissioners are moving right along as the summer comes to as close and schools prepare to welcome all of our children back into their halls. The County has moved through the budget for the year and has all but finished squaring things away with the closing of the correctional institute. They have turned their eyes towards various other projects, many of which they discussed at their recent work session on Thursday morning, July 27th.

The main thing that the Commissioners spent most of their time on that morning related to the changes that could be possible coming down the pipeline for their sign ordinance. Many business and storefront in the community have become cluttered with signage. The County is working on a compromise when looking at their sign ordinance changes that will be both fair the business owners, consumers, and law enforcement alike. One thing they discussed that morning was flags. Per court cases and national precedence, the Commissioners cannot restrict all flags except for the American Flag. The law will force them to say all flags can fly should they so choose.

As far as signage goes in windows for storefronts and businesses, the group is looking at the number and sizes of signs that are going to be allowed to go up in store fronts. To many signs in a window can hinder shoppers as well as be a hindrance for law enforcement as well. The County wants to find a fair solution that benefits everyone that wants to do business here in the County while at the same time cleaning up some clutter from our storefronts. Some action could be take on this at the upcoming meeting on Tuesday morning, August 1st.

In other business, the County discussed a budget amendment that morning involving the bailiff’s salary. This is a very simple process to separate the funds for these salaries, taking funds and switching some from the Superior Court funds to the State Court funds to make sure that everything is fine and balanced in the budget. It is a simple amendment to the budget.

The next thing discussed that morning was a text amendment to the Troup County Code of Ordinances to provide citation powers for the building official and code enforcement inspectors. This simply gives the code enforcement officers the power to write their own citations as opposed to having the Marshall’s Office doing it for them.

There were two or three other items of business that were discussed that morning. These included the discussion of the capital improvement element (impact fees), the resolution calling for an election to impose a County SPLOST, and the discussion of an extra round of grass cutting. All of these items are subject to vote and discussion a the upcoming County meeting on Tuesday morning, August 1st, at the government center at 9 am.