Lions Club Hosts their Annual Golf Tournament and Raffle Fund Raiser

There are many civic clubs here in the LaGrange/Troup County community. These are clubs that are dedicated to raising funds to put back towards the community as a whole. One of these storied clubs is the Lions Club here in LaGrange. Recently, the Lions Club held their annual golf tournament and raffle to raise funds for their various charitable causes and additionally this year, the Pineland Boys Home. One of the Lions Club member and membership committee chair, Ric Seleie, spoke with TCN about the tournament and some of the various other functions of the Lions Club.

“We have been having this tournament for about 10 or 12 years and it’s one of the two big fund raisers that we have in the club. Our club has been in the neighborhood of about $30,000 a year that we turn from the golf tournament and the BBQ and goes back into the community. A high percentage of our money goes to sight and hearing aids. I think we give about two thirds of our total money to eye glasses and Seeing Eye dogs and that sort of thing.”

“We have typically about 16 to 20 teams that play and [several] sponsors. The community has really backed us. The people that have been doing it have been doing it for the full ten years. We really count on a lot of folks to help us out. Every year we pick a special group, last year we picked Troup Cares, and this year we’re we have picked the Pineland Boys Home, Sheriff James Woodruff’s boy’s camp and we’re going to give about four or five thousand dollars [to them]. The rest that we make goes back into the pot [for all of the other club charities].”

“The biggest event that [we have] is the BBQ. We hold that election day every year and that generates about the other 50% of our [revenue]. This year we added an extra fund raiser out there at Big Red Oaks. They had the shotgun open and we generated about eight or nine thousand dollars [out of that]. Many of the guys spent the whole week there from like 8 to 5 in the rain and the blistering heat. We had a pretty good turnout.”

“We sure [would love] for more people to be involved [with the Lion’s Club]. We meet on Tuesdays at noon here at the Country Club. We welcome anybody and everybody. We do not have as much industrial representation [as we would like]. There are a lot of unsung heroes in this club. There are in [other clubs] as well. All of these guys do a great job. A lot of people really do not know what these clubs do. There is a social aspect sure but [we all] put money back [into the community].”

There are so many people involved with the Lions Club and all of their great charitable cause. People like Ric Seleie, the man who headed up the golf tournament Murray Schine, Sheriff James Woodruff, Troup County Tax Commissioner Shane Frailey, and so many others always come together to not only put on an incredible event but to raise funds that so many desperately need. Make sure to find yourself involved with this great club or any of the other clubs that are striving to better our community one day at a time.