Royal Academy School of Dance Certifies Several Students in Ceremony

The art of dance is a long and treasured tradition. For as long as man has inhabited the earth, he has found different ways to express his emotion and for centuries, that has been through the art of dance. Today, dancing and companies that teach dancing and ballet have a global reach, spreading their gracious movements and traditional routines all across the world for people to enjoy. Here locally in LaGrange, there are many young men and women involved with dancing, specifically with teachings from the Royal Academy School of Dance.

Founded over 80 years ago, the Royal Academy of Dance is the largest and most notable organization for classical ballet training. It is known the world over. They have participants on over 20 countries and see 25,000 plus students each and every year. Specifically, the focus here is on petit ballet, a very high level and beautiful dance routine that brings an air of team work, dedication, and gives performers an incredible art form to practice their creativity. Here in LaGrange, many students are getting their training first hand from a renowned teacher and are being presented with incredible dance opportunities.

Miriam Oropeza is a certified teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance that operates her in the community. In addition to being the owner/operator of Royal Dance Wear on the downtown square, Miriam also teaches dance and ballet to many young men and women here in the community. When students complete Miriam’s classes, they become certified through the Royal Academy of Dance. Many of her students have gone on to work with projects in the community, specifically with places such as LSPA, Dance Ensembles in Atlanta, and several other prestigious programs throughout the state. This past Saturday afternoon, July 29th, Miriam, along with her students and their parents, gathered together for a very special ceremony.

That Saturday afternoon saw a packed house at the Mike Daniel Recreation Center. Miriam and her students gathered into one of the banquet room to begin the process of handing out certificates to those that have been certified through her rigorous course. As parents looked on, all in all there were 31 students that would receive passing certificates at that afternoon’s event. There is no doubt that the Royal Academy of Dance and the students under Miriam’s teaching and knowledge, will continue to grow and become a part of some of the most prestigious dance organizations and performances throughout the world.