Backpacks 4 Kids Enters Second Year and Exceeds Expected Book Bag Count

The District Attorney’s Office here in Troup County is always on the search for truth and justice. However, the DA’s office is not here to simply put people in jail. In fact, the people that work in Mr. Skandalakis’s office are dedicated to caring for those that need help. For the second year in a row, Assistant District Attorney’s Brett Adams and Drew Case have headed up their Backpacks 4 Kids drive where they seek to find backpacks and school supplies for kids in need in the community. This year, with a goal of 750 backpacks, the team has surpassed this number, reaching 768 backpacks for so many that need them. The following is from ADA Brett Adams about his involvement in the Backpacks 4 Kids program: Credit to Brett Adams with the District Attorney’s Office “Mr. Skandalakis always tells us to seek justice. Backpacks 4 Kids is one way we can do justice outside the courtroom.

There are two things that really push me to do this again: 1) There is zero excuse for a child to start school without the necessary tools to learn. With how vital education is, no child should start off the school year hindered by something so easily fixed; 2) Schools are strapped for cash when it comes to school supplies, as my wife (who teaches at Troup County High School) will well attest. No teacher should be prevented from teaching a school lesson because neither the school nor the student’s parents can afford the necessary supplies. Last year, it cost an average of $20 per backpack full of school supplies. This year, we’ve been able to get the price down to $10 for a backpack full of school supplies.”

The DA’s office is constantly striving to better the community in which they live. Yes, a large part of the job is making sure that those that seek to do harm to other end up in jail but it’s about so much more than that. These are men and women that truly seek to help and the Backpacks 4 Kids initiative is a prime example of that. They will continue to seek justice and try to help every single person that they can.