Historical Society Banquet Sees Huge Turnout for Lafayette Impersonator

History is vital and important to our success as a society. As the old adage goes, those who do not learn from their history are doomed to make the same mistakes of the past. For many different places around the world this might be true but here in the La-Grange/Troup County community, there are people dedicated to making sure that our history is preserved in the most incredible of ways. Enter the Troup County Historical Society. From their different tours around town to several other functions held throughout the year, the historical society is constantly finding ways to preserve and share the story of our history. This past Friday night, August 4th, they continued this with their annual banquet with a couple of incredible guests.

The main event or speaker at this year’s event was Benjamin Goldman. Goldman is a world renowned for his portrayal as a young Marquis de Lafayette, the incredible French aristocrat and military office on which the City of LaGrange is named after (the same name of his home in the French countryside). Goldman has performed as Lafayette for many years in many different places, including the White House. Also there that night were representatives of the State SAR including Dan McMichael (as Nathanael Greene), George Thurman, and Bob Sapp, all dressed in the traditional wear of the time. It was truly history come alive before your very eyes.

The banquet itself was a huge success as well. The night was opened by Shannon Johnson, the Executive Director of the Historical Society before Clark Johnson, the County Historian and Banquet Chairman gave the opening remarks and thanked all of that night’s sponsors. After a wonderful dinner, the program speaker was introduced by the wonderful and hilarious Dr. Richard Ingram before the Marquis de Lafayette took the stage. Before the end of the night, the last piece of business was the auctioning off of the original signed print numbered one (of 50) painting “Lafayette Square” by local woman Annie Lucille Greene before the banquet adjourned.

The Historical Society’s Banquet, this year aptly titled as “Lafayette in La-Grange: A Revolutionary Banquet”, was a huge success, as is all of the events that the society is involved with each and every year. From tour to Broad Street and the Cemetery to the Legacy Museum on Main Street, our history and our vibrant culture here in La-Grange/Troup County are now and will always be incredible preserved. There is a true calling from many within this community and a need to preserve something that is very precious to us all. Let us all hope that this tradition will continue and that our history will still be preserved long after we are gone to provide an example for others of what a community can truly be.