Ignoring Traffic Checkpoint to Switch Seats Only Makes Things Worse

It happens far more often than one thinks, but it rarely ever works. Whether you are unlicensed, suspended, driving drunk, or even wanted by police, trying to switch seats as a police checkpoint isn’t likely going to work and will only lead to additional charges.

Early Sunday morning about 2:22 a.m., officers with the LaGrange Police Department were conducting a traffic safety checkpoint at Vernon Street and Vernon Road when officers observed a silver vehicle approaching the intersection and it did not appear to be slowing down.

Police say the driver of the vehicle then ignored uniformed officers giving commands to stop and proceeded through the checkpoint without stopping, but did eventually stop well past the checkpoint.

Officers then made contact with the vehicle and attempted to discover why the vehicle drove past the checkpoint and then stopped.

During the subsequent investigation, police determined that an unlicensed juvenile had been driving and had switched seats with Corey Deonta Copeland, who allowed been allowing the juvenile to drive the vehicle.

As a result, both Copland and the undisclosed juvenile were issued citations for this incident.

Copeland, age 22, was charged with Permitting an Unlicensed Person to Drive.

The juvenile, age 16, was charged with Driving without a License and Failure to Obey Police Directing Traffic.