Pastor O’Shay Smith and Several Others Bring Prayer to Schools

Our schools are perhaps the most important institutions that we hold dear.

They are the houses of knowledge that will produce the leaders of our next generation. As such, we all want them to succeed and bring about the best in our students. One local group of individuals is continuing that tradition by praying at the doorways of every school in Troup County, one short week before School starts back.

This past Monday, August 8th saw the prayer team dispatched to the front doors of many schools to read scriptures, say prayers, and offer God thanks for all he has done and continues to do for our children and our community as a whole. Their goal was to say a prayer, many different prayers, for teachers, students, faculty, parents, and everyone else in between and declare that this year would be the best school year ever for the Troup County School System. The team loaded up in their cars and over the course of two days, will pray over the threshold of every school in Troup County.

Pastor O’Shay Smith is the head of this movement in its second year. Fie knows the importance of reaching out through prayer at these different schools and declaring that these children will be taught and protected throughout the course of the year. He and several other people from the community are dedicated to this task.

Matthew 18:20 states that “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there I am in the midst of them” and that is what this movement is truly all about. There are people, being either few or great in number, that are truly invested in getting crime off of our streets and keeping our schools in the best, safest conditions that they can be. This is the goal of this movement and this group and with their continued prayer and support of our schools, nothing is impossible for the future.