The Sister to Sister Book Bag Drive Returns

Summer is over. Fun in the sun and sand is coming to an end and kids are about to return to school and once again begin the process of higher learning. As schools re-open their doors preparing for student’s return, some kids will return without having all of the supplies that they need. For several years now, the Sister to Sister ministry has been helping bring backpacks to kids in need all across the community. This past Saturday, August 5th they returned to do that once again.

The Mike Daniel Rec Center recently played host to a book bag drive from the Sister to Sister organization here in LaGrange. The room was filled to the brim with kids and parents that were there to celebrate this back to school bash..

It is hard to imagine that someone could have left the meeting without being touched in some way or another. This backpack drive has gained some serious momentum over the past couple of years and continues to offer an incredible service to those in need within the community.

Sister to Sister has done many generous charity services over the years, including feasts for those that need food at Thanksgiving. They are a ministry bent on helping those in our community and spreading the word of God all across the community.

School supplies and book bags are in desperate need this time of year so please be on the lookout for places and charities that you can donate your time and funds Sister to Sister would like to thank the following people and organizations for their help with this year’s event Word of Grace Church, Renewed Church, TJ Maxx of LaGrange and Newnan, LaGrange Rental Equipment, Brenda Walker, Coretha McCall, Duretha McCall, and Durrell McCall.