Tilson Takes 3.3-Pound Bass In Sunday Tournament

Life is nothing but one adventure after another for Wes Tilson.

He is seven years old. For Tilson, every day is a new experience. Other than eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Tilson would just as soon fish with something on the every loving line. Like maybe an artificial lure.

He was using one of those, a Frog lure, on Sunday in the West Point Lake Kids Extreme Classic. Tilson felt a tug, and he saw his fishing pole bend. The rest came natural for Tilson.

“I showed some patience. The fish yanked it (the lure), and I caught him,” said Tillson.

He hauled in a 3.3-pound largemouth bass. Catching fish is habit forming for Tilson.

“I like getting dirty,” said Tilson.

He doesn’t mind taking his fish off the hook. He knows how to man up even at the age of seven.

“Wes has been fishing since he was one. He enjoys it. He loves doing it. This is a father-son bonding time (for us),” said Rick Tilson, the fatherly half of this fishing twosome.

Will Noles of LaGrange is a kid with a passion for catching bass, too. Noles found his competitive side in the tournament and caught 10 spotted bass and largemouths. Five of the fish were weighed in at Highland Marina Resort.

Noles was casting and pulling in fish from Larry McManus’ boat. Noles even caught a fish near the boat ramp at Highland Marina Resort right before the tournament weigh in.

This 10-year-old kid never wants to put his rod down.

“The fishing was alright. I found them chasing bait. I have the ability to find fish, and I caught them mostly shallow,” said Noles.

He snagged some fish in five feet of water on West Point Lake. Lilly McGuire is another LaGrange fishing youngster. McGuire is 12 years old, and she did catch some tournament fish.

But she was out there for more than largemouth bass.

“I was having fun. Some people stop (fishing) because it gets hot,” said McGuire.

But not her.

“My favorite part is riding. We were going to different (fishing) spots,” said McGuire.

She was still catching some sun and some bass.

Wes Tilson was one proud angler at the West Point Lake Kids Extreme Classic on Sunday afternoon. Tilson’s bass weighed in at 3.3 pounds.