Four Arrested in Burglary Theft Ring

Troup County Sheriff’s Investigators have arrested four suspects believed to be involved with a string of burglaries in and around Troup County.

As a result of the multi week investigation involving numerous ATV thefts and burglaries, investigators with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office have recovered a large amount of stolen property.

Investigators say that on August 10, they executed a search warrant and were able to recover more than $20 thousand worth of stolen property.

Some of the stolen items were recovered from a location on Knott Road where two of the suspects, Jeffrey K. Noles and John A. Runels, were found with the stolen goods and illegal narcotics.

Two more suspects, Cody L. Pruitt and his girlfriend, Tiffany Kennedy, were also determined to be involved with the thefts and they were arrested at separate locations.

Investigators are still looking for additional suspects believed to be involved with the multi-county theft ring.

Items recovered during the investigation include: televisions, laptop and tablet computers, cell phones, firearms, ATVs, a riding lawnmower, various electronics, and numerous other items. The majority of the stolen property has already been claimed, but investigators are still looking for the rightful owners of some of the items.

Investigators say this incident is still under investigation and more charges are possible.

As a result of the investigation, Noles, Runels, Kennedy, and Pruitt were arrested and booked into the Troup County Jail on various charges.

Noles, age 26, was charged with multiple counts of Burglary, Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana, and Theft by Receiving Stolen Property.

Runels, age 33, was charged with Possession of Methamphetamine and Possession of Marijuana, Tiffany Kennedy, age 30, was charged with Theft by Receiving Stolen Property and Obstruction of Officers.

Cody L. Pruitt, age 27, was charged with Burglary and Theft by Receiving Stolen Property.

As of press time, the suspects are being processed into the Troup County Jail and booking photos are not yet available.