Whitley, Lafayette Christian Open With Solid Rock

He is counting the minutes, the seconds and the days.

Junior quarterback Landon Whitley and Lafayette Christian will get their promising football season underway on Friday night at Solid Rock Academy in Fayetteville. The ball will be teed up at 7:30 p.m.

And the Cougars hope to begin the season with a bang. Lafayette Christian was a state semifinalist last year in the Georgia Independent Christian Athletic Association.

This is 8-man football, and Whitley is one of those guys. He’s a Cougar from the water bucket to the starting lineup. Whitley is thinking this could go well for Lafayette Christian on Friday night and this season.

“Football is all about determination. We have a young team (with 11 freshmen), but we’re still going to fight. We have some tough guys. We have some quick dudes,” said Whitley. “We have a good blocking front.”

The Cougars will run and pass out of the option. That makes sense for Lafayette Christian senior running back Jacob Lueken.

“We’re a strong team with some quickness. We just need some execution,” said Lueken, who will also log some major minutes at linebacker.

Junior tailback Mitchell Crandall of LCS is looking forward to the road trip to Solid Rock Academy, too. Crandall is hoping to bring back a win for the Cougars. But it will take a team effort.

The Cougars have been doing their homework.They’ve been studying the playbook, and they’ve been running the field. Lafayette Christian is no Friday night weakling.

Or any other day for that matter.

“We have a lot of leadership, and everyone has been in the weight room. This is all about timing. We have as good a chance as any team,” said Crandall.

Whitley doesn’t doubt that for one play or even two.

“We’re excited. This is what we’ve been waiting for all year,” said Whitley.

Cougar head coach Nate Shaw knows this team has a chance to be successful, but there are still some early-season jitters.

“We want to see what we can do, but you have to believe in your guys. We are young and talented. That’s better than being young and untalented. We want to win every week,” said Shaw.

The game plan against Solid Rock will be basic, smart football.

“We need to control the pace of the game. We need to possess the ball, and we need to play sound defense,” said Shaw.