Dale Jackson and his Team’s Quest to Provide Tents for all Major Outdoor Events in the Community


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind just exactly how hot this summer has been. Sometimes the step from your house to the outside feels like a sauna. That is multiplied even worse when you have to main yourself in that intense heat at the lake or in summer sporting events. That weather can be too much for some, especially families that have special needs children. Dale Jackson of Jackson Heating and Air has been a strong advocate for families that have children with disabilities and he has begun a new venture to make sure that these families, along with every other person at these events, have a space during those hit summer events.

In the past three or so weeks that Jackson has had this idea, he has already booked over 30 different events that will have these huge air-conditioned tents. Their goal is to be at every single LaGrange, Troup, and Callaway home game as well as every home game for LaGrange College as well. The idea all started with a partnership with parks and recreation at the recent Pyne Road Park 4th of July show where Jackson and his team had a tent set up. Jackson stated that he had the idea twofold: how many special needs families at that event would need a space such as this for various reasons and how many would not even show up at all.

Make no mistake about it; this is a tent for every single person at every event that wants to come in a cool off. The tent will also be a safe haven for families with special needs children, complete with a changing station for privacy. For Jackson, it is all about changing the mindset about how special needs families view these hot outdoor events and expecting them to be at every single event of this nature so that they will have a place to go. While the project is taking off in a major way here in LaGrange, Jackson hopes that this will spread to Newnan, Columbus, Auburn, and several other surrounding areas. He also stated that he would do whatever it takes to make this happen.

The potential for something such as this is unlimited for Jackson. This is an act that will serve to begin changing mindsets in the community as well as helping others in the business community to continue their efforts as well. If you have someone in your family that has special needs, know that there will be a place for you at any and all hot outdoor events. In addition, the tent also has the capability of being heated as well for winter events. The tents are open to any and every one that wants to come in, cool down, hang out, and enjoy all of the incredible happenings in the LaGrange/Troup County community.