Christ’s Corner

There is a big difference between “offerings”, and, “paying”. When we offer something, we do it willingly out of a heart of love. When we pay something, we do it because we have agreed to take on a debt for something.

One of the first things I do every morning is to look out my window at the sky and thank my LORD for another day he has given me. I try to find God’s handiwork in the simple things of nature around me, and, thank Him for all his blessings toward me. I think of God as a person. When we do something for someone; we like to hear them say a hearty “thank you”. When we offer thanksgiving to our LORD, we are acknowledging his blessing, and, helping us.

I learned very early on in my Christian life about making “vows” unto God. God doesn’t forget, and, He will remind you of your vows. He expects us to “pay” our vows.When we promise God, we will do something, He expects us to do it!

Our word should be our bond. It used to be if a person promised you something they felt duty bound to do it. Now, we need to get a signed contract witnessed by two or three lawyers.

We Christians need to keep our word, and, not make empty promises.

Be thankful for your blessings, and, station in life. God loves you “so” much.

God Bless;

The words of Walter D. Hill D. Min.

Anna & Tony Green