First Kickball Tournament a Huge Success for the First Choice Women’s Center

As summer begins to fade away and fall quickly approaches, there was a brand new tournament that took place here in LaGrange and Troup County. The first of its kind, the first ever kickball tournament took over Shuford Fields to raise money for the First Choice Women’s Center. Teams began to fill in the complex at Shurford this past Saturday, and were ready for a friendly competition and to help raise funds for an incredible cause.

That afternoon, 16 teams took the field and prepared for all out kickball war. Teams were placed into seeds and the winner of the seed went on to face the winner of the other seeds and so on and so forth. Several of the teams had their t shirts and their team names ready to go for the day and the tournament was under way. Even though the competition was fierce, the spirit of friendly competition was evident all around and at the end of the day, a winner and a runner up were crowned. This inaugural year’s runner up was “One Kick Wonder”, a girl’s soccer team from the community. This year’s first place went to Callaway Baptist Church.

The First Choice Women’s Center is a life changing organization here in LaGrange and Troup County dedicated to helping women all across the community. They provide valuable resources to help pregnant women such as medical referrals, parenting education, and many other services that has gone on to help so many different people throughout the area. This year’s goal was for the group to hit the $10,000 mark through this tournament but the final numbers have not yet been tallied. Either way, the team was excited by this first year’s response, stating that it was huge success and that next year the group plans to add more teams to the field.

To say that the first ever kickball tournament, appropriately named “Not Just for Kicks, the Mother of All Kickball Tournaments”, was a huge success would be an understatement. The fields were packed, the kicks were long and high, and everyone was laughing and having a great time. In addition, the funds raised will go on to help many women in need all across the community and beyond. The tournament is set to expand and be even bigger and better this time next year.