Solar Eclipse Party Takes Over the Chamber Plaza

It seems as if though the entire world came to a stop this past Monday morning for an hour or so and just stared into the sky with straining eyes, hoping to see a phenomenon that only comes around every so often. Yes, the solar eclipse was finally upon us all this past Monday and several places around LaGrange and Troup County took part in the festivities. Out of all the places and spots to view the eclipse, the LaGrange/Troup County Chamber of Commerce went all out for their party on the plaza in downtown.

The Chamber plaza was packed out with people under the warm weather that afternoon. As you made your way into the doors, the Chamber staff presented you with the ever coveted eclipse glasses so that you could stare at the sun without sustaining any eye damage. There were also special cut and designed boxes for indirect viewing of the eclipse. People began to mingle and talk about the special event over specialty snacks and drinks such as Sunchips, Sunkist soda, Moonpies, and many other delicacies. At 2:36 pm, the eclipse peaked and everyone shuffled out the doors to a world that was just a bit dimmer and stared into the sky.

The Solar Eclipse of 2017 was certainly an interesting happening that the whole world paused to see. It is the type of eclipse where the moon overtakes the sun and fully or partially blocks its light for a time being. Many people around the Country scrambled to find their ISO eclipse glasses so that they could safely stare up into the sky. This was the first total solar eclipse from coast to coast since 1918 and was a huge event that took over television, media, and pop culture in general. The next total eclipse of this kind will take place on April 8th, 2024.

This one of a kind event was just another way to showcase the Chamber’s dedication to its members and supporters. The plaza was packed incredibly full and people were enjoying one another’s company on a Monday afternoon. Then, for one shining moment, the world seemed to stop completely and stare in awe at the beauty of the sky. This was a wonderful event for the Chamber and everyone else in attendance that afternoon.