The Ultimate Entrepreneurship Seminar Comes to LaGrange

Business has found a haven here in LaGrange. Form small mom and pop shops to large industrial and retail stores, there has always been a lot of growth and expansion in the business market here in our hometown. However, there are always opportunities for any business to grow and expand in great and exponential ways. Recently, a new seminar came through LaGrange/Troup County that is focused on entrepreneurial mind sets and preparing your business to go to the next level. That seminar was the Ultimate Entrepreneurship Seminar and this past Saturday, August 19th from 11 to 3:30 pm, it opened its doors here in LaGrange.

The Ultimate Entrepreneurship Seminar was the passion and creation of Charmian Stephens. For quite some time now, Stephens has been working at a one on one level to help business be more effective by helping them shape their legal structure. Now, this has turned into an entire seminar dedicated to this purpose. This was the first annual event of this kind but Stephens hopes to continue the growth of the seminar each and every year from here on out.

At this year’s first ever event, there were two guest speakers. The first speaker was US Attorney Letonya Moore and the other speaker was Lisa A Streeter, a Legal Shield Executive Director. There were also some give aways including three separate prizes, with first place receiving $1,000. The event was a huge success for the community and provided some valuable information.

As the business community of LaGrange and Troup County continue to grow, more and more events like this are needed to maintain our strong roots in the financial world. Starting a business is one thing but having the tools to keep it strong and structured is a completely separate affair. Hopefully the UES will continue to be a big success year after year and help more business thrive here in our community.