Lions Club Donates Four Grand to Sheriff’s Pineland Boy’s Home

A season of giving has come to Troup County and all of LaGrange. In all actuality, many groups and organizations all over the community give on a yearly basis. There are always fundraisers and charitable events happening all around the city and the county and people are looking for ways to give back to a community that has been so good to so many for so long. Recently, your local Lion’s Club held one of their two huge annual fundraisers with their golf tournament, an event that raises large sums for various places in the county. Out of all the groups they donate to, each year they pick one for an extra special gift. This year that place was the Pineland Boy’s Home and the gift was a check for $4,000.

It was a rainy morning when members of the Lion’s Club pulled up to Pineland with a check in hand. Some of the Lion’s that came out that morning included Sheriff James Woodruff, Troup County Tax Commissioner Shane Frailey, Lion’s Club President Ken Young, and club treasurer J.M. Rowlinson. They filed into one of the buildings at Pineland and presented the check to Wayne Pittman for various projects around the facility.

This money will help to cover many things in and around Pineland. For starters, the money will be used to buy a vehicle lift. This lift will give many the ability to have their oil changed around the property. In addition, there will be an instructor on hand to teach many of the boys how to change the oil, rotate tires, and various things of that nature. Some of the funds will also go to new computer equipment where these young men can come and learn academics among other things. Finally, there will also be some new metal patio furniture purchased for those that are at the facility to use as needed.

This is another in the long list of charitable giving from the Lion’s Club here in La-Grange/Troup County. In fact, over the last five years, the club has donated around $161,000 to various causes in and around the community. In the coming months, their next big fundraiser, their annual BBQ, will hit on Election Day and go on to serve many in the community. The Lion’s Club meets every Tuesday at noon at the Highland Country Club and they accept all members. Come on out and find out how you can get involved.