Hurricane Season Is Here: What Can You Do To Prepare?

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season began on Thursday, June 1 and ends on Thursday, November 30. The past week has proven to be quite busy during this long stretch of time, yet we still haven’t reached the peak of these dangerous storms. As hurricanes are forming and making their way to land there are precautions you can take to make sure you and your loved ones are prepared.

Feeling safe is high on the priority list. Find a place where you all feel comfortable enough to relax and ride out the storm. Make an escape plan and designate a meeting place. Have a grab-n-go kit ready if you have to evacuate. Get your charcoal or gas cans filled for cooking in case of power loss. Have a supply of nonperishable food items and water for your family. Charge your electronic devices and any back up batteries you may have in advance. Bring your outside furniture inside or secure it properly so you don’t have to hunt for it or retrieve it from your neighbor’s living room window. Take pictures before the storm. Any damage you have is better noticed with before and after pictures. Use what you already have around the house to help with the small stuff that has a large impact on your life. For example: -Fill Ziplock bags 1/3 full of water and freeze them standing upright. This will keep your freezer/fridge cool in case your electricity goes out.

-Use your washing machine as a cooler. Fill it with ice and any other items you need to keep cool and just close the lid. Washing machines are designed to drain water so you don’t have to worry about the ice melting.

-Your bathtub is also a great tool in this situation. Simply fill with water. This can be used to wash dishes, flush toilets, and you can pull from it for personal hygiene as well.

-Small items, such as photo albums or legal documents that are very important or close to your heart, can be placed in your dishwasher for safe keeping.

-Candles are great if the power goes out. You can also tape a flashlight to a bottle or jug of water to make a lantern for more light.

Don’t forget your pets. They are going through this too. Just like children, they look to you as an example. If you are stressed and running around crazy, so will they. Stay calm and they will too. If you have a storage bin or maybe a small kiddy pool, set it up for your pet to use as a sleeping area or a place for waste. You can even use the water you have stored in your bath tub to keep them hydrated.

Once you are ready to face the storm find a way to entertain yourselves. Bring out the old board games and cards. Storms are no fun, but spending quality time with your friends and family is!