Bass Fishing Royalty: Tucker Wins Again On West Point Lake

Life is just one bass after another for Greg Tucker.

The LaGrange fisherman is rather adept at catching those species of fish. Tucker caught eight more West Point Lake bass on Sunday. Tucker weighed in five of them, and he won for the second time on the Reel 30 Bass Trail this year.

The nonchalant and big time fisherman shared the ring of honor with the bass last weekend with his seven spots and one largemouth. And Tucker did what comes natural.

“I just go fishing,” said Tucker. “I love to fish. I like the competition, and I never give up.”

On Sunday morning he hooked and caught the “Big Bass” of the tournament. He was fishing shallow in two feet of water.

“It felt like I got hung up. I hit a tree (on the cast) and then I thought I had a catfish. But when he rolled over I knew I had a good one,” said Tucker.

He would later weigh in his 4.6-pound largemouth bass at Pyne Road Park. Tucker had a full day alright with a winning total of 9.90 pounds of bass with his five fish that were weighed in.

Another LaGrange guy, Bob Loftin, took second place at 8.97 pounds. Dusty Thomas of LaGrange reeled in a top three finish, too, with 8.66 pounds of bass. Following with more fish and more fishing tales were Toby Reeves in fourth place with 7.16 pounds and Michael Jasperse of Cumming in fifth place at 5.69 pounds.

Jasperse made 10 catches with four spotted bass and six largemouth. Five of those fish made it to the afternoon weigh in, and all of the West Point Lake bass pulled hard. Jasperse was using a spinnerbait.

“The lake was calm with just a little chop. I used my lake knowledge, and I was fishing in eight feet of water,” said Jasperse.

Greg Noles of LaGrange cashed in, too. In the final tournament standings, Noles finished with 5.28 pounds of fish. But he actually had many more catches than that.

“I caught 35 to 40, but they were nothing but spots. They were schooling on the little bait. I caught most of my fish on a homemade spinnerbait,” said Noles.

He was one of 25 tournament fishermen from the Reel 30 Bass Club. And all of the anglers caught fish. That is as it should be.

“These guys would have a tournament every day if they could. We love the fellowship,” said tournament director Larry Mc-Manus.

He fished the tournament, too. McManus had some bass in his tournament bag.