Rebuilding Cougars Are Looking For Solutions, Not Excuses

Very little has gone right for Lafayette Christian this season.

The Cougars have lost five consecutive games to open the season, and that comes just two years after winning the state football championship in the Georgia Independent Christian Athletic Association.

That is a tough pill to swallow for all concerned, from LCS head coach Nate Shaw down to the last freshman. There are 12 ninthgraders on this Cougar team of 22 players.

“We are in the rebuilding process. We knew we were going to be young. But with age we will get better. We are taking it weekby- week. We are here to win, and competition is a good thing,” said Shaw.

All that he and his Cougar football team want to do is improve. The wins will come. Lafayette Christian is counting on that. The Cougars have not giving up on this season.

“We have a good crop of kids. We are working to get better. We still have the confidence that we can win some ball games. We’re trying to string some good practices together. We’re trying to get over some bumps and bruises,” said Shaw.

And above all, Lafayette Christian is trying to win on the practice field. Hopefully for the Cougars that will carry over to game night in the coming weeks.Lafayette Christian does not play this Friday night, but LCS is looking forward to its homecoming game on Sept. 29 against Central Christian from Sharpsburg.

There are still goals that can be achieved this year for the Cougars.

“We can make the playoffs. We just have to win (two of the next three region games). We need to grow our young players. We have some inexperience, and I’m trying to lead,” said Lafayette Christian senior guard Knox Evert, who has started 25 games in his Cougar football career.

Evert still expects to win this year.

“We’re working hard, and we have plenty of talent. I respect this program. We just need to move forward. I know we can win. We’ve just made a lot of small mistakes that we need to fix,” said the 6foot-2, 280-pound Evert.

Lafayette Christian junior quarterback Landon Whitley is another Cougar who wants to jump start this season.

“These are all my brothers, and we want to win. We just need to finish. We need to improve our techniques. Our goal is to win, and we need to think positive,” said Whitley, who started in the state championship game two years ago.

The Cougars are a long way from being at that level, but they still feel like there is something out there for Lafayette Christian to accomplish this year.

“We are working hard and practicing hard. We need to execute, and we need to win,” said Cougar freshman halfback and linebacker Amani Jenkins.

The players on this LCS football team are still busting their chinstraps, and that does make coach Nate Shaw proud.