Embrace the Symphony

Prepared by LSO Staff

The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra season opened on September 26 with Embrace the Silver Screen, a salute to the musical scores of John Williams. Perhaps one of the most recognizable compositional voices of the twentieth and twenty first centuries, the music of John Williams has become inextricably bound with the most beloved characters and stories of our time. As an art form, film readily defines a generation, giving us memories and images that transport us not just to distant worlds but to places and times in our own lives. The extraordinary success and variety of musical drama and imagery in these film scores is truly legendary and iconic. While they may originate from the genius of a revered American composer, they belong to and infuse our world.

The season continues on November 7 with Embrace the Classics. The Titan of Greek legend Prometheus stole fire from the gods to give to Mankind; on this evening, we hear that fire transformed into powerful playing and passion from the national winner of the Emory Piano Competition in Grieg’s immortal piano concerto. The theme continues with a rare opportunity to hear Beethoven’s first journey into the world of the symphony. Even in the bright key of C major, you can still hear the extraordinary and exciting turbulence of Beethoven’s own titan-like fury!

Join the symphony on December 12 to Embrace the Spirit of the Season with special guests, Jason Coleman and Meagan Taylor, as we celebrate the holiday season with music, cheer and joy to the world! The Young Singers of West Georgia will also participate in this concert.

On March 20 we Celebrate Life. Featuring the LaGrange Youth Symphony Orchestra, this program also shares the timeless requiem by Mozart, sung by the LaGrange High School Choral. Without doubt, mortality is the most defining aspect of our existence in all cultures and religions; it is a universal theme for all Mankind. As we contemplate the exquisite beauty of Mozart’s music, it is a reminder not so much of death but of the immeasurable importance of life and those with whom we share it in our own world.

The season ends on April 24 with The Worlds Embrace. Austrian composer, Gustav Mahler said, “A Symphony is like the World; it should embrace everything.” Mahler’s Titan symphony does indeed touch on so many aspects of creation and existence: from the multiple references to Nature to the infamous funeral march found in the slow movement. For a composer, a large-scale work does indeed become a world of creativity, defining its own character and internal relationships as the musical journey unfolds. Joining the symphony will be the winner of the 2016 Young Artists Competition.

In reviewing the season, Conductor Richard Prior remarked, “The symphony is a musical genre but as an ensemble it is also the extraordinary collection of musicians that come together, supported and nurtured by a community to present these unique experiences. When our season ends, we hope that the music will have indeed embraced our world here in La- Grange.”

Season tickets priced at $110, $75, $65 and $35 for adults and $25 for students twelve and older are available until the first concert. Ticket prices reflect discounts of as much as 35% off single ticket prices. Individual concert tickets are available at $30, $20 and $10 each. Students 12 and older are $5 while students under 12 are free but must have a ticket.

For tickets or more information, please contact the LSO office at 706.882.0662 or e-mail info@lagrangesymphony. org or visit us online at www.lagrangesymphony. org.