Troup High School Loses Comprehensive from Title by School Board Vote

The school board here in Troup County had a lot of business to cover at the monthly meeting this past Thursday night, September 21st. With preparations for the new elementary school “A” underway, the board also made some changes to several other schools, including a rather significant change at THS. After the approval of minutes and the student/staff recognitions, the meeting was underway.

That night, one of the most pressing decisions made by the board dealt with Troup High School. The Board approved a request to remove the ‘Comprehensive’ portion from school name of Troup County Comprehensive High School. This is a request supported by the current administration and staff and the Alumni Association. For many years, people have referred to the school as simply Troup High School or THS so this decision falls in line with public opinion.

The first item dealt with on the agenda that night dealt with Hyundai and stated that the board approve the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the West Point Development Authority, Hyundai Dymos Georgia, Troup County Board of Commissioners, the City of West Point, the Troup County Board of Tax Assessors, and Troup County Board of Education as presented. This was something that was recently voted on and approved by the Troup County Commissioners as well.

The board approved several curriculum purchases that night including 150 additional licenses and student workbooks for system 44, a sum that equaled $98,429.63. Additionally, the board also approved all of the human resources recommendations that night as well, as they normally do in all of their board meetings.

After accepting the financial reports from that night, the board then had to approve several purchases under the operations report. The Board began by approving the purchase of four school buses from Yancey Bus Sales and Service for a total amount of $358,457.00, including one special education bus ($97,508.00) and three 72 passenger busses ($86,983.00 apiece).

Next, the board approved the ratifying of the service provided by ServiceMaster Recovery Management to remediate Rosemont Elementary School ($76,443.39), Hollis Hand Elementary School ($53,876.10), and LaGrange High School Media Center ($2,546.56).

The final approval that night came in the form of accepting the new elementary school “A” GMP package two. They accepted the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Package Two from Carroll Daniel Construction Company for construction of the New Elementary School ‘A’ in the amount of $14,240,048.00. They also authorized the Superintendent or his designee to self-perform the acquisition and installation of technology devices including cameras, switches, etc., food service equipment, furniture, playground equipment, and environmental testing for an additional budget amount of $1,200,000.00 and they also reserved $300,000.00 of Education SPLOST funds to budget for a possible turn lane as may be required by the Georgia Department of Transportation. The ground breaking for the new school has yet to be rescheduled.