Graduation Rates Release Shows Troup County School System Up

LaGrange, Ga., September 27, 2017 – The Georgia Department of Education The state of Georgia calculates the graduation rate using the adjusted cohort rate, which is now required by the U.S. Department of Education. This rate is defined as the number of students who enter their freshman year together and graduate within four years together. It includes adjustments for student transfers. If students drop out, or are removed from school for disciplinary reasons, that cohort group rate is impacted.

Callaway High School Principal, Jonathan Laney, notes the 3.6 percent increase at his school in 2017 is due to a hard focus on student data. “At Callaway, we have a data room where the staff and I meet to have open conversations about student trajectories. For example, if a student is reaching a point where they may not make it through high school, we talk about – and give them – the additional support they need. This means we have to know our students and create a relationship of trust with them. Our main goal is to reach them before (GaDOE) released its 2017 Four-Year Cohort Graduation Rates today. Overall, they make it to that point so we can help them early-on.”

He said programs like the Cavalier Connections, Cavalier Cares Corps, and building a culture of achievement has allowed the school to see an 11.3 percent increase in three years.

Alton White, LaGrange High School Principal said, ‘We have tried to make sure our students understand the importance of a high school diploma, while at the same time trying to get them to have some ownership in this. Two years ago, we started a Freshman Academy. The first event of the year is a ceremony where they sign a graduation gown to make a commitment to graduate from high school. We want them to understand graduation is a step towards their ultimate goal – not the goal itself,” With a 9.2 percent increase since 2015 and a 5.2 percent increase over 2016, White adds, “Our faculty and staff do a great job of connecting with our students. Many teachers know what their student’s Troup County School System (TCSS) saw a 1.1 percent increase from 2016. The system plans are after high school and they are invested in the students. High school graduation is the first step towards reaching lifelong goals and it is truly a joint effort between students, parents, faculty, and staff working towards a common goal.”

Troup High School has seen great successes in the past few years, so when the school’s graduation rate fell 2.9 percent, Principal Chip Medders was already prepared. “Graduating students is the goal we have for every student that enters Troup High School. We have seen a steady increase in our graduation rate during the past four years; peaking at 80.9 percent in 2016. This past school year, our graduation rate dropped 2.9 percent due to discipline decisions in the 2015 school year. These decisions needed to be made for the betterment of our school.”

Medders said these decisions have positively impacted Troup High’s learning environment. “For the past two years we have seen a dramatic decrease in discipline rate showed a greater rate of increase, at 6.6 percent in three years, while the state referrals because of the decisions we were willing to make two years ago. We also have seen the impact that school attendance has on both academics and graduation rate. With the adoption of our new PBIS system, and the revamping of our attendance policy, we expect to see an increase in our graduation rate this year and for the years to come.”

Over the past year, the district has focused efforts to improve graduation rates by boosting employee professional learning, incorporating technology -friendly learning, increasing student engagement, revamping curriculum, and supporting THINC College & Career Academy (CCA) pathways and certifications. This stateof- the-art facility is housed on the campus of West Georgia Technical College and provides technical and career-specific skills based on the community and business needs.

In addition, after completing district field studies and assessment reviews through the International of Georgia has a 1.7 percent increase in the same amount of time. There were a total Center for Leadership in Education, data has been used to enhance the TCSS strategic plan and school improvement efforts. Last year, the school system cited periodic remediation opportunities for students, credit recovery programs, and the refinement of graduation coach duties as support to help students graduate in four years.

State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “Georgia’s teachers, districts, and schools are personalizing education for each individual student, making sure those students are motivated and encouraged to stay in the classroom because they’re engaged in their learning, because they see how their education connects with their future goals. We need to ensure opportunity for every single student in the state of Georgia. I’m confident we’re on our way and will reach that goal.”

About Troup County School System Troup County School System is an accredited educational system with over of 898 TCSS graduates.

The TCSS graduation rates are as follows: 12,200 students in grades K-12. TCSS does offer a free Pre-K program at each elementary school. The system is comprised of eleven elementary schools, three middle schools, three high schools, one college and career academy, and one alternative learning center. Students within the school system are taught a rigorous and relevant curriculum that helps them make college and career choices beyond graduation and succeed in life. The system 2017 graduation rate rose 6.6 percentage points in three years to 78.0 percent. To learn more about Troup County School System, visit and the Troup County School System Facebook page.