City Council Candidates and Mayor Speak at Republican Meeting

The Republican Party of Troup County returned this past Tuesday morning, October 3rd with some very important updates surrounding the local political scene in the community. On November 7th, a date that is quickly approaching, there will be another election cycle, with the Mayor’s seat, three City Council seats, and even a new SPLOST vote will be on the ballet. That afternoon, the Mayor would address the Republican Party with statements involving his plans for hopeful re-election and three men, all vying for the City Council seat in District One, would also have a chance to speak and ask for a vote this November.

Mayor Jim Thornton is finishing his first term as Mayor for the City of La-Grange, previously serving on the City Council. The Mayor stated that he wants to share with the community several of the projects that have happened over the course of the past few years.

“I think the last four years have really been remarkable in the city of LaGrange. All you have to do is drive around the city and see the transformation that is occurring and it’s all over the city. No part of the city has been left out. All of our interstate changes, our downtown, Lee’s Crossing, 1st Avenue, wherever you go, you see progress and transformation. It’s not all my doing… because we have a great team of people at the city, at the County Commission, at the School Board, and the business community, [including] the Chamber of Commerce. We are all pulling together and moving in the same direction around a common goal, a common goal of growth, progress, and prosperity.”

This November, there are three candidates gunning for the City Council seat in District One. All three were on hand at the Republican meeting that day to share their stories. Jim Arrington, Luther Jones, and Chuck Pitts are all local natives to LaGrange and have owned and operated businesses here in La-Grange. Arrington started and still operates Arrington Builders, Luther Jones has his own law practice, and Chuck Pitts has had his own dental practice for many years. Each man was given five minutes, sharing their visions and desires of why they want to serve their community on the council. There is a wealth of business and community knowledge amongst each man as they all seek election on November 7th. There is much to discuss towards the upcoming election, one thing in particular is the upcoming vote for SPLOST. Dale Jackson and Curtis Brown have been making the rounds to the various clubs and organizations in the community and speaking on behalf of the SPLOST. One of their meetings at the Rotary Club this past week was reported on in the Friday, October 6th edition of Troup County News where there is great detail on their presentation. They also spoke at the Republican meeting and gave their thoughts on SPLOST, some of the projects it will help fund, and why it is so important for the future of Troup County.