nexAir Hosts Ribbon Cutting with Chamber of Commerce

Fall is quickly on the way and with comes cooler weather, the holiday spirit, and even more businesses opening or expanding all across LaGrange and Troup County. A lot of really special happenings are occurring here in the community as the year quickly comes towards an end. This past Thursday morning, October 5th, the team at the Chamber of Commerce gathered around the location for the new nexAir facility, located at 266 New Airport Road, to welcome the team and cut their ribbon.

A few months ago, nex-Air acquired Moore’s Oxygen, along time local business here in LaGrange. The entire team stayed on and now, under the new direction of nex- Air, the company is taking off. nexAir specializes in atmospheric gases, including gases for industrial, medical, and specialty uses. They also have welding supplies and equipment, dry ice, and other products/services. It is a field that will always be needed and the team at nexAir has the knowhow and the best, most friendly service to help you with all of your gas and welding needs.

That morning, the team from nexAir, members of the Chamber, and several other dignitaries gathered around the location on New Airport Road to cut the ribbon and solidify their membership with the Chamber. Greetings were brought from both John Asbell and Richard Ennis with the

Chamber before the ribbon was cut and another business officially took its place amongst the great local business environment here in the LaGrange/Troup County community.

The local business climate here in the community continues to strengthen month after month, in large parts due to the local Chamber of Commerce involvement and dedication to attracting new business and helping to expand existing ones. Their partnership with both the city and county has proven very beneficial in past years, as LaGrange has exploded like never before. With both the new downtown hotel and the Hobby Lobby at the LaGrange mall scheduled to open soon, nexAir has picked the perfect location for growth and prosperity, perhaps in the entire state of Georgia, for their newest home.