Junior Service League Attic Sale Draws Huge Crowd

Tradition is held at a very high standard here in La- Grange and Troup County. Our history is full of tradition and it is these interwoven threads that provide us with an identity and all of the flair that a beautiful hometown community needs. Many of these traditions here involve a spirit of charity and giving back to others that are in need. Such is the case with the Junior Service League, an organization of women gathered for just those reasons. This past Friday and Saturday at the Callaway Conference Center, one of their oldest standing traditions, the attic sale, returned and drew large crowd from all around.

The pre-sale began Friday night and the regular sale continued on into Saturday. The conference center was absolutely packed with various assorted items, all from donations. From furniture to kitchen ware, electronics, beddings, children’s items and essentially anything else you can think of, the attic sale had it all. Friday night, before the pre-sale began, there was a large line wrapped around the building waiting for the doors to open. There was excitement in the air for those waiting on incredible deals.

Jennifer Wallace, the chair for the attic sale, commented on the event, saying that it was wonderful and with a great turnout despite their concerns over the timing of fall break. She said that the money raised from the event will help continue to fund the league and all of the charitable works throughout the year. The team learned a lot this year, especially with being at a new location, and hope to expand on the success even more in the next year.

The Junior Service League of LaGrange is a long standing club with a sense of community. It is an organization of women that seek to volunteer, help their community, and promote the power and potential of women from all around. Their efforts are strictly educational and charitable. The league is always looking for volunteers and there are so many different ways to help and get involved. The attic sale, casino night, and their Grits and Grace cookbooks are just some of the projects that the group gets involved with each year. Visit their website or Facebook page to find out how to get involved today.