Pills in Wrong Bottle Yields Drug Charge

LaGrange Police have arrested a man on a misdemeanor drug charge after he was suspiciously found with prescription opiates in his mother’s pill bottle.

Monday evening about 5:18 p.m., LaGrange Police conducted a traffic stop on a Saturn Ion on North Cary Street for a seatbelt violation.

Police then conducted the routine traffic stop and made contact with the driver, Douglas Brandon Taylor, advising him of the reason for the stop.

Officers note that Taylor appeared to be very nervous, so they asked him why he was worried and he stated that he was a naturally nervous person.

Due to the suspicious behavior, Taylor was asked to step out of the vehicle and further speak with police. He then consented to search his person without hesitation.

During the search officers located a pill bottle in his right from pants pocket, which was labeled as being prescribed to a female for 90 Oxycodone tablets.

Subsequent investigation revealed that the prescription was filled only 19 days earlier, but there were only three pills remaining.

Further investigation showed that the tablets were not Oxycodone, they were Hydrocodone, another Schedule III Narcotic. Taylor was then detained and his vehicle was searched and another pill bottle was located, but no further contraband was found. Taylor later stated he has a prescription for Hydrocodone and must have mistakenly put them in his mother’s pill bottle because they are prescribed the same medication for pain. Officers note that earlier in the traffic stop, Taylor advised that he’d just taken his niece to work and was headed back home. This raised also raised officer’s suspicions because it seemed odd that he would carry three Hydrocodone pills for a short trip. Police later made contact with Taylor’s mother, whose name was on the pill bottle, and she attempted to explain that Taylor was in possession of “his” medication in “her” pill bottle. She stated that he did have a prescription for Hydrocodone, but that he’d been robbed a while back so she gave him an empty pill bottle of hers so he could keep just a few of his pills on him without having to carry them all. Officers note that this was contradictory to what Taylor claimed was a simple mistake due to them being prescribed the same medication. The female also stated that she is no longer prescribed Hydrocodone, but rather the Oxycodone. She also could not explain what happened to all of the other pills. As a result of the investigation, Taylor, age 32, was arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where he was booked into the jail charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance Not in Original Container.