Third Annual March for Jesus Moves Through Downtown this past Weekend

The churches here in the LaGrange/Troup County community are constantly moving and continue to stay involved in various things all across the town. From fundraisers to special events and charitable causes, there is always something going on somewhere in town to promote unity, giving, and praise. This past weekend, on Saturday, October 7th, an event returned once again where people could come together in faith and march for the name of Jesus Christ. That event was the March for Jesus and this year, there were many that participated.

Sweetland Amphitheater begin to see a crowd form out front that Saturday morning, as people began to show up ready to walk in the name of Christ. This is a group that seeks to not only promote Jesus, but to also come together to pray for the country, a country that was based on freedom of religion and bred in Christianity. One of the main sponsor churches, Living Waters Baptist Church, had members there as well. The ages ranged from young to old with everyone extremely excited to get the walk underway. Flanked by Sheriff James Woodruff in the lead truck, the group, after an opening prayer, made their way down Church Street in solidarity and love.

The March for Jesus was a very successful event and has become tradition here in the community. This, along with many other like events, promotes the love of Christ for all of those that are involved and those that want to spread that message far and wide. There is no doubt that the tradition will continue to grow and more people each and every year. Next year as October and the fall months arrive, make sure to keep your calendar open for the March for Jesus.