Glisson Preaches, Teaches As Tigers Get Ready For Cedartown

The team with the Blue & Gold swagger had a humbling moment after practice on Wednesday night.

Troup High head football coach Tanner Glisson got up on his soapbox and had a heart-to-heart discussion with his Tiger team. The players mostly listened, and Glisson did some preaching that would have made Billy Graham blush.

“We’ve been winning on the big stage (this season), but we still need accountability, dedication, commitment and hard work. We need consistency, and we have to do things the right way – in the class room and in the hallway,” said Glisson, who is a role model if there ever was one.

The Troup High Tigers got a 60-minute lesson in humility as Glisson talked and got through to his team. The Tiger players seemed to inhale every morsel of information as they get ready for a critical region road game at Cedartown, slated for tonight at 7:30 p.m.

The Bulldogs are one of the surprise teams in the region this fall at 6-1 overall and 2-1 in league play. Troup High will take Glisson’s pertinent comments in tow as the Tigers head to Cedartown.

“We’re getting used to winning, but we are not at our highest point. Every team is good in our region,” said Tiger special teams player Brantly Robinson. “We’re competitors.We want to succeed, and our team has integrity. Our goal is to win state.”

Troup High linebacker Kevin Martin got the afterpractice message from Glisson, too. Martin will never forget it.

“We can always do better. We expect to lead. We’re trying to get better, and we need to put everything on the line (against Cedartown). We need teamwork and effort. But we have been working hard,” said Martin.

Tiger senior kicker Cal Foster is getting a football education from Glisson, along with Martin and all the other Troup High football players.

“Our program is moving in a new direction. We’ve put Troup on the football map. But we still have to pay attention to the details,” said Foster.

As Glisson wound up his football oratory at the Tiger on the Mount, Troup High senior place kicker Carson Wreyford was making some mental notes.

“We feel really good. Everybody is getting refocused. Coach Glisson is concerned with every player [in the program]. We have some skills, but we need to get better,” said Wreyford.

Coach Tanner Glisson’s message rang true like the bell from the highest church steeple. The Tigers are unified once again.