City Council Hears Presentation on Little Free Pantry Program

After rescheduling their meeting this week from Tuesday night to Thursday night, the Mayor and Council of LaGrange were back at work after a busy week in Washington D.C. At a recent ceremony naming Chief Lou Dekmar as the President of the IACP, the group has been active this week in representing LaGrange as a place of leadership. At their meeting on Thursday night, October 26th, there was a very special presentation from students at La-Grange College about a potential service in the community that could go on to help many in need. That presentation was over the Little Free Pantry.

The Little Free Pantry is a service for those that who are not easily able to have easy access to everyday needs such as foods and certain household items. There is also potential for these pantries to stock after school snacks for kids. These are small wooden container style pantries that would be placed in strategic areas around the community. The mindset of the pantry is a ‘take something leave something’ mindset designed to promote community care and the spirit of generosity.

At the council meeting that night, a group of the LaGrange College Servant Scholars came to present the idea for the Little Free Pantry to the Mayor and Council. With the program already successfully running in several locations in Carrollton, the group has set in motion plans for the program to kick off here in LaGrange. The supplies to build the pantries will be donated from Home Depot and the group is already lining up various sponsors to help keep the pantries stocked with non-perishables and other goods. There will be a team that monitors the pantries each day to make sure that they are well stocked and looked after. The proposed locations here in town are by the library, the Cannon Street building (Boys and Girls Club), the Mitchell Street basketball court, Benjamin Harvey Hill (the Housing Authority), and the Troup Baptist Association. The Mayor and Council is taking the request under consideration and checking the logistics of the program.

A few of the council members gave reports that night on their recent trip to the capital in support of the Chief, they declared a few items as surplus, and turned over a notice of claims of damages to their insurance agency. With that, the Mayor and Council adjourned for the evening, preparing for a busy weekend in La-Grange and Troup County.