Confidence Missionary Baptist Church Holds Third Annual Breast Cancer 5K

This past Saturday afternoon, October 28th was a special day for the members of Confidence Missionary Baptist Church. Throughout the year, CMBC is involved in several different events and functions across the community, reaching out and giving back at any chance they can get. Now, in the heart of breast cancer awareness month, the family at CMBC set out upon their third annual breast cancer 5k at Calumet Park with a huge turnout and a lot of participation. This is the third year now that CMBC has participated in this wonderful event, bringing out so many from their congregation to help with the event. There were many different booths set up across the park, smells of delicious food in the air, and people laughing and smiling all around. After all of the participants had arrived and registered, there were some special announcements that needed to be made.

Pastor Michael Jackson gathered the group together and began to honor some special ladies in attendance that had survived their battles with cancer as well as all of those that had lost the battle. After these touching moments, the crowd got warmed up with some stretching and exercise. Finally, the time was right and the group moved to the race line and they were off. Twenty one laps around the park would see the group achieve the full distance for a 5K.

CMBC is a church directly involved with so many things here in the La- Grange/Troup County community. They are many dedicated members that are always seeking to help other members and everyone else that might be in need. Calumet Park was a perfect location for this event as well, with all of the amazing revitalization that has happened there in the past several years. With churches such as this one dedicated to important issues, such as combating cancer, our community is destined to help people in need and maybe even to help find a cure for this terrible disease, even if it takes one lap at a time.