Halloween Takes Over Historic LaGrange

Even though Halloween has come and gone, the fall season still lingers, bleeding into Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a New Year. It’s arguably the most beautiful time of the year and also one of the busiest. This past Tuesday night, October 31st, Halloween came to LaGrange and Troup County and many of the kids in the community were out and about, dressed in their colorful costumes and on a crusade for candy. With Halloween comes many fall traditions, especially with the historic district and homes that want to give back to so many. This Halloween, several places here in town kept in line with these holiday traditions and welcomed trick or treaters with open arms.

The first place to partake in the festivities this year was Bellevue and the La-Grange Women’s Club. For several decades now, the women’s club has been an integral part of the community and championing for women to become involved in various aspects of La-Grange living. Bellevue, Benjamin Harvey Hill’s historic house, has been home to the women’s club since the 50’s and they have maintained the property for all of these years. This Halloween, the ladies, dressed in their costumes, handed out candy to many trick or treaters that approached the home. Goodie bags were handed out left and right as children went on their way with plenty of candy.

Another name and location that is synonymous with the history of La- Grange is Callaway. The Callaway Mansion, operating under the umbrella of Hills and Dales, is a landmark location in LaGrange and Troup County. For many years, the Callaway family began handing out candy bars to children on Halloween, a tradition that has carried on to this day. Each year, members of Hills and Dales and members of the Callaway family still come together and hand out full sized candy bars to children who make their way up to the mansion on the hill.

Historic LaGrange is always an image of perfection during the holiday season, beautiful decorations, incredible events, and a generous community spirit are always on full display and it’s just one more reason why LaGrange and Troup County are such special places to call home. Soon there will be Christmas decorations going up all across town and families will be preparing festive meals and giving thanks. Make sure to stay tuned into all of the happenings across the community in the coming weeks.