Hogansville Scrambles to Fix Massive Water Leak

The municipal water system is back to normal and an emergency boil advisory has been lifted now that a massive water leak has been fixed in Hogansville. The City of Hogansville issued a boil advisory Monday morning after the Pine Street water tank was discovered to have emptied about 15,000 gallons of water in a matter of minutes.

Hogansville Police and Public Works staff then canvassed every street in Hogansville searching for signs of a major water main break. City staff later discovered excessive runoff coming from a wooded area near Cranston Road at Poplar Street. Eventually, the leak was discovered in some unmapped piping near Boozer and Poplar Street.

The very old pipe was found to have a nearly three foot gash causing the massive leak. The pipe break appears to have been caused by shifting rocks. Repairs were then initiated and by 2:00 pm, the Pine Street tank was filling with water and pressurizing the entire distribution system. Repairs were completed a few hours later.

City Manager David Milliron advised that Hogansville Public Works staff cut and unearthed a 1,000-foot portion of six-inch piping from a wooded area near Boozer Street looking to isolate the leak.

Because of the age of the piping, no current staff members were even aware of the water line. The broken line runs parallel to Cranston Road along a portion of roadway had long been abandoned by Hogansville as a city street.

Fortunately, current city staff was able to receive help from former city employee Will Driver who came to the scene and helped out with the issue.

After the pipe was fixed, the boil advisory was kept in place for an additional 48 hours due to excess sedimentation and turbidity in the water system. The additional 48 hours was necessary for staff to sanitize the Pine Street tank and conduct necessary bacteriological tests. By mid-morning Wednesday the boil advisory had been lifted.

Tommy Murphy Staff Writer