Student Arrested for Bullet at LaGrange High

Police have arrested a 15year-old student at LaGrange High School after he was allegedly caught bringing a bullet to school. The student appeared to be otherwise unarmed, but bringing the bullet to school was still a big no-no.

On October 27, LaGrange Police resource officers working at LaGrange High School were called to the administrator’s office in reference to a bullet that was recovered on school grounds.

Administrators advised police that a male juvenile student had been in the gym around noon and was seen picking up a bullet and hiding it behind the bleachers.

The principal later retrieved the juvenile from class and escorted him to an office where he was searched for weapons, but no further bullets or weapons were found in his possession.

Administrators then reviewed security video that showed the juvenile and another male student talking. The video showed the juvenile then bending over and picking up an item believed to be the bullet. The juvenile then placed the item under the bleachers as if he was intentionally hiding something.

The incident was observed by another student who then retrieved a single hollow point .40 caliber bullet from exactly where the juvenile had just reached.

When later confronted about the incident, the juvenile claimed that the bullet fell from the other student’s pocket. Police say the video clearly showed the juvenile reach down directly below where his jacket was hanging, leading them to believe it fell out of the juvenile suspect’s jacket.

Due to the student being found to be in possession of an explosive compound on school property, the juvenile was placed under arrest.

The unnamed juvenile, age 15, was then transported to Juvenile Court and charged with Carrying Weapons within a School Safety Zone. This incident is still under investigation.