Thornton and Arrington Win Big On Election Day

This past week was another historic one for the citizens of LaGrange and Troup County. For a few months now, people have been waiting in anticipation for the end of the Mayoral race, the vote on the SPLOST, and who would take the District One seat that saw three Republican candidates contest one another. This past Tuesday night, November 7th, was finally the day that everyone had been waiting on, Election Day. With polls closing that afternoon, everyone awoke the next morning to find the answers to their questions as well as how the elections faired in both West Point and Hogansville.

The Mayoral Race had been highly publicized in previous weeks. Incumbent Mayor Jim Thornton was seeking another four years as the Mayor of LaGrange and he was challenged heavily by Democratic nominee Jimmy McCammey. When the numbers rolled in, Thornton had won the race with 62% of the vote, remaining as a leader in LaGrange for another four years. Mayor Thornton spoke out on his election, stating that he was excited that the citizens of LaGrange had given him another four years as Mayor. He also stated that voters have affirmed his agenda of growth and quality of life for all people of LaGrange.

The other prominent race that took place this election was for the LaGrange City Council Post 1B. The position had three republican candidates all vying for the spot on council. Jim Arrington, Luther Jones, and Chuck Pitts all campaigned over the course of the past weeks to the community on why they are qualified for the position. After the election night results rolled in, Jim Arrington emerged victorious with 60% of the vote. When asked about his election, Arrington stated that he was very humbled, knowing that he had great support but being surprised for the turnout that he received. He said that he was thankful for everyone that supported him and that he looks to make people proud as he serves as a new City Councilor.

The other big ticket item in this year’s election was the SPLOST vote, an agenda that has been highly publicized and talked about all across LaGrange and Troup County. At every civic club meeting, community function, and everywhere else, different people have been out campaigning on behalf of the SPLOST. With a 71% yes vote, the SPLOST did pass and will provide all three cities and Troup County the funding they need to carry out many different projects within their municipal walls. There are many projects planned that will go on to benefit many here in our communities.

In other election news, Incumbent City Councilor Tom Gore will have another four years as he won his re-election unopposed. Nathan Gaskin will also take over the third and final seat that was up for re-election as he also ran unopposed. In Hogansville, Incumbent Mayor Bill Stankiewicz beat out opposing candidate Winston Herren with 68% of the vote. Reginald Jackson will remain on the council for four more years and Marichal Price defeated Valerie Buice with 62% of the vote for the other Hogansville City Council seat. In the city of West Point, Incumbent Mayor Pro Tem Steve Tramell beat out challenger Deedee Williams with 51% of the vote, remaining on as Mayor for the next four years. Additionally, Gloria Marshall, Joe Downs, and Alanteo Hutchinson will all serve as City Council members. Both Downs and Marshall previously served and are remaining on with the Council.