The LaGrange Housing Authority Unveils a New Vision

Troup County continues to meet and uplift our local economy whether it centers on business, education, housing, industry, etc.

On Thursday, November 16th, the LaGrange Housing Authority unveiled their vision to further transform the future of LaGrange through various ideas and partnerships. It has been evident as a community the citizens of Troup County and LaGrange can transform and continue to foster life for their residents.

Over the past few years the LaGrange Housing Authority has been striving to create a New Vision to expand the positive aspects of our community.

Ms. Zsa Zsa Heard, CEO of the LaGrange Housing Authority welcomed those in attendance.

Mr. Jim Winer, Make 3, (architecture/planning/design) presented conceptual plans and drawings to the large group in attendance. He unveiled their extensive research, vision and ideas, with the focus on new architecture and landscaping, better access to services, possible new business opportunities, ideas to improve area schools, economic improvement, and the addition of new communities.

Visual illustrations of the proposed New Vision were displayed for those in attendance to have a concept of the various areas highlighted for the evening.