Traylor Completes Eagle Scout Project that Seeks to Free Lakes from Tangled Fishing Wire

There are so many amazing natural amenities here in LaGrange and Troup County. This area has all of the beauty and charm of the most beautiful southern towns and the friendliest people to go along with it. With so much industry coming to town and changing the nature of our community forever, we still have some incredible natural resources, such as West Point Lake and Pyne Road Park. One local Boy Scout, in seeking out his Eagle Scout project, has created a simple yet wonderfully effective way of cleaning up our lakes, one spool of fishing line at a time.

Landon Traylor, a local Boy Scout, was searching out a worthwhile assignment for his Eagle Scout project. After some searching, he found exactly what he needed in a project that will help keep our lakes clean of fishing line. Landon’s idea involved building storage containers out of piping, complete with proper signage, and placing them at eight specific locations across the county, including two at Highland Marina, two at Pyne Road Park, one at Rocky Point, McGee Bridge, among others. On the afternoon of Tuesday, November 21st, Landon gathered at one of his locations, Highland Marina, to show his project off to some special guests.

That Tuesday afternoon, Landon was on hand with his grandfather Bobby Traylor and County Commissioner Lewis Davis to show off his work. The containers are not large and are very simplistic in their function but have already gone on to take many left over lines out of our waters. To date, Landon has already collected 142 grams of fishing line, an equivalent to about one meter. He will then send the material back to the people that produce it for recycling. This is an incredibly economically friendly design and one that will save fish and clean the environment.

The Boy Scouts, both nationally and on a local level here in Troup County, continue to produce some of the finest young men that are handling work that will have a great impact on our future. This fishing line that can often be discarded and thrown off the side of a boat could last over 100 years either floating in our waters or causing serious issues for the fish that swim there. This is an effective way to combat these issues. Incredible work such as this will continue with the Boy Scouts as they move us towards a better tomorrow.