Ark Refuge Feeds Many during Thanksgiving Luncheon

Thanksgiving has come and gone. People are out hitting the sales hard, working on getting that perfect gift for that special someone. Our fridges are full of leftover turkey and our closets are beginning to fill with hidden Christmas presents. However, while some were celebrating this Thanksgiving with friends and family, many went without food or laughter in their lives. One local organization stepped up to the plate this year and prepared meals for many that needed them this holiday season. That group was Ark Refuge Ministries and this past Thursday, November 23rd, the group, along with many volunteers, lined up and began serving their meal.

This Thanksgiving Day, Ark Refuge Ministries served lunch from 11 am until around 2 pm at their location on E. Depot Street in LaGrange. They also delivered meals to the elderly in the community from 9 am to 5 pm. The group had many donations in previous weeks to prepare for their meal on Thursday. There were turkeys, hams, boxed mashed potatoes, canned green beans, dinner rolls, desserts, cups, napkins, to go boxes, and plastic silverware. In addition, Ark Refuge is still accepting toys, food, and monetary gifts for the Christmas season for children in the community. You can drop all of these items off at their location on E. Depot Street.

Since early 2000, Ark Refuge Ministries has served Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to the community and delivered over 400 dinners. Through generous support, they continue to serve these very important holiday meals to the community. Their local mission work, especially during a season of thanks, is to spread the love of Jesus Christ, upholding their mission statement, stating that “We, The Ark Refuge Ministry are committed first and foremost to serve God. And second, to seek the lost sheep of this world and bring them back into the folds.”

That afternoon, as volunteers lined up behind the serving tray and children tore apart wax paper, with people in the kitchen turning food out at fast paces, there was a true sense of community and family in the building. We tend to become so lost during this busy rushed season and we begin to lose sight of the things that truly matter. Ark Refuge continues to serve and to make sure that the meaning of the holidays is not lost. Please continue your donations of toys for their very busy Christmas toy drive that is fast approaching.