Cavaliers Stick Together After Tough Playoff Loss To Trojans

To their credit and to their football soul – one and all – the Cavaliers remained true to their bloodlines.

Callaway High is still a tight-knit football team despite a 31-0 setback to Brooks County on Friday night in the Class AA state quarterfinals. The Cavaliers still have a bond that will not be broken, not even with the season-ending loss at Veterans Stadium in Quitman.

That does say a lot about who these Callaway High players are.

“These are all my brothers. We play hard, and we only lost one regular season game (this year). Brooks County just executed better than we did (in the playoffs),” said Cavalier senior free safety Courtney Williams. Example No. 2 of the true character of the Callaway High football team came from senior defensive tackle Lichon Terrell. The Cavaliers do tend to stick together through good times and bad, wins and losses, and this departure in the third round of the state playoffs.

It has been hard work, and it has been fun. And all of the Cavaliers would gladly do it all again for the chance to compete in the state playoffs one more time.

“These players are my friends, and we came together (this season). Our defense was physical, and we ran to the ball. I had a great experience in my senior year. We gave so much to the school and this (football) program,” said Terrell.

Over the last four years, Callaway High’s 17 seniors hustled their helmet stickers off for a record of 41-10 with seven state playoff wins. That is something to be proud of. “We’re a tough team. We push each other, and we are one of the schools that nobody wants to play,” said Kedrick Ramsey, Callaway High’s senior quarterback.

Ramsey was honored to be the starting quarterback for this Cavalier football team, which has finished the year with an 11-2 record and two state playoff victories over Atlanta Douglass and Rockmart.

The Cavaliers did have a painful night in Quitman in the state quarterfinals, but Callaway High head coach Pete Wiggins saw a lot of good in his team.

“I’m proud of our leadership. We had a great group of seniors. We had a cohesive bunch and some tough kids. We just got beat (by Brooks County). They had a fast defensive line,” said Wiggins.

On their last night of the season the Cavaliers lost the game right up front. Brooks County (11-1) won the battle on the line of scrimmage, and the Trojans won the game.

“We missed some tackles and assignments,” said Terrell, the 270-pound Callaway High defensive lineman.

And another thing about the Cavaliers. They don’t make excuses. They own their failures, as well as their triumphs.

But against the Trojans, Callaway High could not halt the one, two punch of Jonathan White and Mac Perry of Brooks County. White, the senior running back, ran wild with 126 yards on 14 carries.

Perry, the Trojans senior quarterback, also rushed for 102 yards on 13 carries. Senior D.J. Atkins of the Cavaliers didn’t have nearly as many holes to squirm through. Callaway High’s Atkins, playing his final football game for CHS, turned in a 47-yard performance on 12 carries.

The Cavaliers’ Kedrick Ramsey also completed 9 of 19 passes for 57 yards. Ramsey was sacked six times, however, by the Brooks County defense.